We provide in person and online therapy


Seeking treatment may be one of the hardest decisions you have to make. Here at Thin Line Counseling LLC, we understand this challenge and strive to give you the care you need and meet your individual treatment goals.


We are facing some difficult times. Relationship issues are at an all time high. We seek to help you and your partner understand one another and learn to communicate in a productive way. Couples counseling will repair the damage caused by these issues and help you move forward together in a positive direction.   


Family dynamics play a huge role in mental health. Here at Thin Line Counseling LLC we treat the family as one unit. We address all concerns head on and involve all necessary family members in order to heal the family and return function. Family is a very important support system. If your family is in distress let us help bring it back to normal. 


There are unique challenges associated with serving one’s community or Country. That calls for unique clinicians who understand these challenges.  At Thin Line Counseling LLC, all of our staff have served in one of these roles or have worked with veterans  and first responders for over 5 years .